NXP’s Fingerprint on
Card Packaging

Presenting and explaining NXP’s fingerprint
technology through design.


  • Packaging design
  • Direct contact with printers
  • Prep for production
Fingerpring on Card payment technology by NXP | packaging design by Flair Creatives

Project definition

The goal for this 21 × 16,5 × 2 cm box with a magnetic closure, printed on a heavy stock matte paper, was to present NXP’s Fingerprint on Card technology solution for payment cards through high-end design.

We’ve worked on the overall box design, consulted the client on best paper choice, added a special touch to the box with spot gloss, communicated directly with printers and prepared the files for production.

Fingerprint on Card NXP Technology packaging by Flair Creatives

Spot gloss enhancement

In order to add a special sensory touch to the box underlining the fingerprint payment technology, we’ve added a spot gloss finish to the cover.

This high-gloss detail works perfectly with the dark, matte paper used for the box and adds that little extra factor to make the box feel special.

Design work

Work stages

  1. Briefing, project definition
  2. Research
  3. Alignments with printers
  4. Agreement on visual direction
  5. Work on layout ideas
  6. Detailed work on each box side, including inside of the box
  7. Design of the step-by-step instructions
  8. Work on mockups showing the design proposals
  9. Feedback rounds
  10. Preparing files for production
Fingerpring on Card payment technology by NXP | packaging design by Flair Creatives

Back view

Accent color detail on the back side of the box, adding a fresh and contrasting touch to the overall design.

NXP Twitter post fingerprint on card box by Flair Creatives at CES 2020 Las Vegas

Box presentation at
CES Las Vegas 2020

NXP presented their Fingerprint on Card technology using the presentation box at the world-famous CES trade show in Las Vegas in January 2020. You can view the video here.

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